National Native Alcohol
& Drug Abuse Program

Gina McFadyen

With 30+ years of sobriety after 8 long years of living with addiction, I have and share empathy and understanding of not only the pain, shame and guilt, but also the generational trauma that I was born into.  We cannot truly control where we come from but can make our own way into better choices with a sense of self worth, esteem, honesty and determination.  Two feet and a heartbeat makes you worthy of care, consideration and assistance.

I am here to assist in arranging applications, being a voice in concert with yours for your best recovery  plan.  Confidentiality is key to helping nurture and grow trust. 

The core of what I look to provide:
Assistance to navigating the recovery system of paperwork, referrals, appointments, a safe environment for you to speak your truth, confidence in knowing it goes no further.

I support any who would like to organize group in house or out and about, and as times dictate, in cooperation with all Covid-19 guidelines.  Groups may be of small size but could happen more frequently if interest is there.

I am here to support your choices to create safe spaces for people to get together and share struggle and triumphs, no matter how big or how small. 

Open Mind and Open Heart

Gina McFadyen
Daylu Dena
NNADAP Support Coordinator
Lower Post BC
(250)779-3200 ext. 1009