Economic Development

Iyon Kechika Contracting Ltd.

Owned and operated by the Daylu Dena Council, Iyon Kechika Contracting Ltd. provides construction services and heavy equipment rentals across the Yukon and northern BC. Iyon Kechika has extensive experience in delivering a variety of services including civil works, earthworks, road maintenance, water truck services, residential construction, low-bed services, labour procurement, logging and environmental remediation. Their high capacity and experience in delivering a wide variety of services allows Iyon Kechika Contracting to best meet the unique needs of their clients. Since their establishment in 2002, Iyon Kechika Contracting has been successful in providing a safe work environment for its staff, while providing both high-quality and cost-effective solutions for their clients’ needs. Iyon Kechika is proud to meet and exceed government and private industry standards for its services and is known for delivering outstanding results.